Swaledale Runners

2020 Virtual Richmond Castle 10K

Swaledale Runners present the 2020 Richmond Castle VIRTUAL 10K
October 11th - 17th 2020.


Following the cancellation of the physical 2020 race, we invite you to take part in our virtual 10K. All profits will go to St Teresa's Hospice Darlington.

In honour of the undulating nature of the Richmond Castle 10k course, we're asking our entrants to match or exceed the 210m of elevation that runners would usually undertake as part of the 10k. Therefore, to complete this challenge, you should run at least 10km, as one continuous run, or as separate runs, with a total elevation of over 210m.

Your run should take place between the 11th and 17th October 2020.

bookitzone enter online but

Once completed, evidence should be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., preferably as screenshots from Strava / MapMyRun or similar and (optionally) a selfie or photo.

Results will be published on the Swaledale Runners website.There will be two leaderboards:
- Continuous run, by time
- Multiple runs, by overall time

Limited edition medals will be sent out up to 1 month after the final day.

There will be some additional spot prizes awarded, for unconventional achievements. e.g. best photo and most average runner. Details to follow.