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Hadrian Hvndred

It has taken me a long time to write this account because I just had too much to say! This is a very annotated version of my Hadrian Hvndred. (not a spelling mistake!)

Saturday 26th May St. Elizabeth’s School, Hexham, registration of the long distance walkers association flagship event. 478 people started. 293 people finished with 185 people (38%) retiring at some point on the course. The first person finished in 29 hours and 9 minutes. The last in 46 hours and 35 minutes. Walkers start at 10 am, but runners can choose to start at various later times, up to 2pm. This allows for less congestion at the early checkpoints. There are 13 checkpoints in the 100 miles. Some provide fully cooked meals, some snacks and drinks and some just shelter. All have kind welcoming marshals. Self navigation is essential. Everyone must carry a very detailed route description and a map of the area, either paper or electronically. There is a mandatory kit list and kit checks at various points on the route. If you don’t have the required kit you are disqualified. No support is allowed from anyone other than the marshals at the checkpoints. A drop bag is taken to the "breakfast" stop, roughly halfway, but other than that you must carry what you need.Hadrain Hvdred

Shortly after the leaving the first checkpoint it started to spit with rain. By the time I had climbed up onto Hadrians Wall it was raining and a very strong westerly wind was blowing straight into my face. The cagoule came out and didn’t come off until 29 hours later! After a battering along Hadrians wall the route turned south to Haltwhistle and checkpoint 3. This was really busy, a lot of the walkers having already made it to this point, but due to a big hall and brilliant organization you could get food and drink without queuing and get going quickly. The next section was the flattest part of the route as we followed the South Tynedale Railway – a disused one – all the way to Alston. However, it was mentally quite hard as it had a gentle incline all the way and it just seemed to go on forever. I passed a lot of very miserable people along here, only getting grunts to my cheerful “Hi!" as I went past. It’s only a bit of rain, I thought, but they obviously had crystal balls! I ran into Garrigill as it was getting dusk and for the last few minutes it had actually stopped raining. A dry night, I thought! After all, I had seen the forecast and that is always right!!

This section had always been highlighted as a tough one as the next checkpoint (Greg's Hut) had no food or drink facilities, so they gave us snack packs to take with us. From what I could see not much was actually being taken from these but the contents were not what I would have taken to sustain me! It didn’t matter, I had my own. Prior to the event I thought there was an awful lot of scare mongering going on about this section. It was only 13 miles from here to Dufton, but reading some of the comments on Facebook you would have thought we were climbing Everest with no oxygen in winter! I did stop reading them in the end! I changed to dry, thicker gloves, put on my headtorch, but didn’t put my waterproof trousers on as it had stopped raining and I was still quite hot!

I left the checkpoint to find it was raining again. I should have gone back in to put my trousers on but it was quite busy inside and I didn’t want to waste time. I’d put them on at Greg’s hut!!! It was now a long climb all the way. It was raining hard and as I climbed the cloud came down and the wind increased. My torch lit the way well but at one point I looked to my right to find a steep drop! Greg’s hut was lit by blue lights on the mountain rescue Land-Rover, which had 2 call outs that night! I was now cold. My gloves had made my hands colder than when I was wearing my thinner ones. The shelter was full and the marshal was shouting that no one was going on unless they went in a group. I finally put my waterproof trousers and my thicker waterproof gloves. However, by now my hands were numb and I couldn’t get anything out of my pockets to eat. I left with a group of eight people. I haven’t been up Cross Fell or High Dunn Fell before and when I saw pictures of them in the daylight  I couldn’t believe how they appeared. That night in now thick fog, a wind that kept blowing us off our feet and driving rain it was impossible to find the path (if there was one) and we spent most of the time either clambering over rocks or knee deep in bogs. The self-clip at the top was well lit and then it was downhill through more bogs until we found a stone pavement, which led us towards Great Dunn Fell. And it was at this point, at about 2am, when I needed to really concentrate to keep my footing, that my body decided it was time to sleep. It was probably a combination of cold, lack of sugar and tiredness but it did make it very hard. I hallucinated about tall grasses enveloping me all the way down to the safety check where I grabbed a handful of sweets and I seemed to bring me round.

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News roundup May 27th

It's been a busy few weeks for the Swaledale Runnners. There has been some astonishing achievements, PB's, first time fell runners, a massive variety of races/ events.
On 18th May Liz Sowter went back to road marathon running and competed in the Bentham Marathon and was extremely pleased with 4.54.06, 39th overall and first FV55.
Ros Blackmore had a great Ingleborough Marathon 11th out of 39 in 5.48.35.
Also on 18th, Tim Grimwwod competed in The Old County Tops Fell Race in the Lakes - 37 miles, team event. He ran with Tom Radcliffe. They completed the event in just over 11 hours and were 104th team.
On 19th May Jean Bradley and Sheila Cantrell both achieved PB's at the Manchester 10k with 54.25 & 59.20 respectively.
Also on 19th was the Keswick 10k. Sam Metcalfe & Catriona Riley went along for their first of two races in three days and ran the race in 1.19.21 & 1.19.37 respectively.
They then competed in their first fell race on 21st, the Roseberry Romp. Mel Scott was there in her first fell race. Tim Grimwood continued his brilliant form by winning the race. Fell running regulars Mike Keavney & Jim Coldwell also ran. Jim coming back from injury.
The ultra running giant that is Ian Oldham competed and finished the famous (infamous!!) Dragons Back Race, five days, 200 miles, 8 1/2 miles of ascent. An amazing achievement.
On 25th, Neil Bowmer & Ros Blackmore competed in the Isle of Jura Fell Race in very wild conditions. Their times were 6.18.18, 199th & 7.06.59, 237th respectively.

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Lakes 42

One of my aims this year is to improve my endurance over longer events, so I decided to step into the ultra/trail world with the Nav4 Lakes 42 event. Starting in Askham and going onto the High Street Ridge, then over to Helvellyn and back via Patterdale, before a final slog up Place Fell and then long run back in, it would be a real test for me and my longest ‘race’ by far. Luckily Ian and Caroline, ultra-specialists, were also running so I had a good source of advice.
The whole fell versus trail debate is, in my view, fairly pointless and boring, but I have to admit I did notice a few differences from fell races. 1) a surprising amount of walking poles involved (both Ian and Caroline also sported these) which I had never really thought about before. 2) hardly any club shirts – I was wearing ‘the famous green vest’ but almost no-one else was in club gear. 3) footwear- at fell races is probably 80%+ ino-v8, here Salomon was the shoe of choice. A better choice than my x-talons as it turned out, due to the rocky paths where a bit of cushioning would have been appreciated. 4) almost no long socks or sunglasses.
We set off at 6am in glorious sunshine – coming onto Loadpot Hill with the sun shining, and seeing the Helvellyn range in the distance poking through the mist was one of the greatest running moments I have had, the sort that supports the cliché of making it all worth it. One guy, sweating profusely in his jacket, grunted that it was a lot warmer than he expected, and I don’t think he was particularly impressed with my enthusiastic reply of how great it was (why didn’t he just take his jacket off?). By mid-morning he was probably happier as the weather settled into an overcast high-cloud dull pattern that was perfect for running without causing any real navigation problems.
Not sure how I would react to the distance and time on my feet, I took it really easy and walked anything up. I got a bit carried away with some of the descents, but overall feel I got the balance right. The atmosphere throughout was amazing, really low key and sociable. A group near me going up to High Street were having an absolute ball, and you could hear their chattering and laughing for quite a distance. Whether this relaxed manner was because of the long distance or the fact I was mid-pack, I don’t know (maybe the front runners were a bit more focused) but I chatted with a variety of people through the race, really enjoyed the ‘festival’ atmosphere of the food stops and even had time to stop in Glenridding for a can of coke with Ian and another runner. Having said that, the competitive spirit re-emerged about 8 miles from the end when the dodgy calculations of myself and another runner worked out we had a chance of finishing under 10 hours if we got a move on and so we picked up the pace – I’m not sure whether this was the right decision or not. It was very satisfying to (just) hit our target, but I had really enjoyed not really bothering about times and paces until that point. By happy coincidence I ended up running most of the second half with Ian, who was great company and this was another really nice aspect of the day – I do most of my running alone but am beginning to appreciate the different aspects that having company brings.

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News roundup July 16th

Three Peaks“Ultra King” Ian Oldham took part in the Lavaredo Ultra Trail race in Italy on 22/06. About 120k, 5800 metres of Alpine running and he completed it in an amazing 22hours 43mins.
On 30/06 Sue Crabbe, Jan Ilsley & Stu Clarkson took part in the Upper Wharfdale Three Peaks Challenge: 22 miles of scenic views in perfect conditions, taking in the three highest peaks in Wharfdale.
On the same day Ros Blackmore took part in the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon. With her partner Mandy Goth they managed to win the Fairfield score class ladies race and come in 18th out of 73 pairs overall. They were also 3rd Vets team overall (includes male, female and mixed Vets teams with age grading).
Vicky Jewitt was also in the Lakes competing in the SIMM and with her partner was 30th in their class.
Martin Randall had a brilliant 3rd overall at the Coastal Half Marathon on 01/07 in a time of 1.41.59. Grace Gilpin was 44th in a time of £2.24.09
Jim Coldwell had a great race and was 6th place at the inaugural Lighthouse 10K in Millom on 01/07.
James Taylor said he had a lovely day at the Heart of the Park Challenge, 12k race in Braemar. Like most of the races over the weekend it was very hot but at least the race routeIan crossed the river Dee three times to cool him off.
Park Runs – 30/06. Catterick -Mark Sowerby and Neil Bowmer had a good battle and were 3rd & 4th in times of 19.19 & 19.28. Grace Gilpin did a time of 25.58. Northallerton – Julia Spiitle – 28.56. Fountains Abbey – Andrew Fletcher – 21.05 –27/359 runners and first in age category.
Two Swaledale runners took part in the Croft Pitstop 10k on 04/07. Mark Sowerby - 41st – 41.36, Evan Jones – 137th – 51.16
On 07/07 Tim Grimwood had a great 8th place at the Blackfell race at Kettlewell – 1.46.02
The tough Burn Valley half marathon at Masham was on 08/07. Martin Randall had a great run to finish 41st in 1.42.05, Helen Bain – 2.21.41, Julia Spittle – 2.22.16.
Well done to Sue Crabbe who was 1st FV50 at Skirfare Trail race at Kettlewell on 14/07.
On the same day Ian Oldham continued his great performances in ultra runs. He was 1st V45 at Lakes Sky Ultra in the Lakes, 37 miles – 12.22.
Park Run results – Catterick – 07/07 – Rebecca Simpson – 20.25 1st Lady, Grace Gilpin – 25.55, Zoe Mason – 27.31. 14/07 – Grace Gilpin – 25.55, Simon Hewitt – 32.26.
Darlington – 07/07 – Nialll Cheyne – 26.03


News roundup June 15th

Ladies Winning TeamOn the 27th May Dan Corthorn was at his home town to compete in the Buxton Half Marathon, where he did a time of 1.49.29 92nd/302.
The Harrogate MWL kicked off on 6/6. The first race was hosted by Skipton. Club finishers were Martin Luxton- 40.28, Evan Jones- 41.21, Helen Bains - 48.40, Chris Sayer - 50.11, Roger Brisley - 56.01.The same night was the Ossy Oiks fell race. Tim Grimwood went one better than last year and had a superb win. No results yet, but the rest of the Swaledalers came in the order of Ian Oldham, Mike Keavney, Robbie Kelly, Caroline Graham and Jim Coldwell.

As always there was great turn out at the Swaledale Marathon on 9/6, wiith plenty of regulars and lots of first time runners to the event. There were some brilliant results with the men & women taking the team prizes: Steve Brown 1st Vet & 1st Over 60, Nick Downing 2nd Man, Sarah Hackett 2nd Lady, Rebecca Simpson 4th Lady.
Results ( so many runners so sorry if anyone is missed) , Nick Downing 3.16- 2nd, Stuart Smith 3.39 - 11th, Steve Brown 3.39 - 12th, Sarah Hackett 3.42 - 15th, Derek Parrington 3.46 - 20th, Rebecca Simpson 3.49 - 24th, Martin Randall 3.49 - 25th, Ian Oldham 3.54 - 28th, Mark Sowerby 3.55 - 31st, Richard Gale 3.56 - 35th, Robbie Kelly 3.56- 36th, Neil Bowmer 4.15 - 63rd, Jim Coldwell 4.20- 72nd, Sam King 4.24 - 79th, Caroline Graham 4.26 - 82nd, Ray Crabbe 4.33 -96th, Nick Turnbull 4.38 - 105th, Rachel Carlton 4.42 - 112th, Vicky Jewitt 4.42 - 113th, James Taylor 4.43 - 116th, Lucy Tulloch 4.54 - 124th, Vicki Howe 5.06 - 153rd, Grace Gilpin 5.07 - 155th, John Lynch 5.18 - 168th, Claire Stewart 5.21- 171st, Lucy Riley 5.21 - 172nd, Carol Murray 5.24 - 176th, Annelie Whitfield 5.29 - 187th, Oonagh Bathgate 5.31 - 189th, Zoe Foulerton - 5.38 - 203rd, Anne Singleton - 5.46- 210th, Sarah Hards 5.48 - 215th, Carrie Morrell 5.57, Sheila Cantrell - 6.45, Liz Sowter - 6.45, Stu Clarkson - 6.45, Niall Cheyne - 8.10.

Sarah Norman and Julia Spittle competed in the White Horse Hardmoors half (17 miles!!) on 10/6. Well done to Julia who was 1st Lady over 60.


News roundup May 29th

A massive well done to Neil Bowmer who completed the Northern Traverse – 190 miles Coast to Coast in 95 hours.
Martin Randall had a good run at the Raby Castle 10k on 20/05. He was 20th and 3rd in his age category in a time of 42.04.
Park Run Results – 19/5 – Catterick – Martin Randall – 19.16 (10th) PB, Mark Sowerby – 19.17 (11th) PB, Grace Gilpin – 25.29, Zoe Mason – 26.48, Jade Swainston – 29.55 PB – Northallerton – Evan Jones – 23.02 (12th) PB, Julia Spittle – 28.59, Darlington – Carrie Morrell – 30.18, Niall Cheyne – 30.19.
Well done to Jean Bradley and Sheila Cantrell who ran the Manchester Half on 20/5 in hot conditions. They did 2.37.36 and 2.38.00.
There was three excellent results at the 24K Helvellyn & the Dodds Fell race on 27/5. Tim Grimwood 13th - 2.44.40, Rebecca Simpson 59th - 10th Female, 3rd in V40 - 3.16.33, Martin Randall 60th - 3.16.52.
There was a good turn out of Swaledalers at the local Northallerton 10k on 27/5 in a big field of 725 runners. Evan Jones 132nd - 49.01, Martin Luxton 149th - 49.51, Amy Kerr 302nd - 55 .37, Helen Baines 401st - 59.34, Julia Spittle 437th - 1.01.25 (1st for Category), Sarah Norman 493rd - 1.04 06, Jean Bradley 562nd - 1.07.36.
Mark Sowerby continued his fine form at the Melmerby 10k - 27/5. He was 41st out of 305 in a time of 41.14.
Well done to Ray and Sue Crabbe who completed the St Begas 37 mile Ultra on 27/5.
Catterick Park Run - 26/5 - Martin Randall - 19.25, Annelie Whitfield - 22.59 (PB), John Lynch - 25.42, Grace Gilpin - 25.53, Zoe Mason - 26.22, Helen McKay - 30.00


News roundup May 6th

There was a massive turn out of Swaledale Runners at the popular Wensleydale Wander on 14/4. There is a choice of the "Long Run" - about 22 miles or the "Short Run" of 12 miles. The event is organised by the Wensleydale Rotary Club and is a great day out. Results can be a bit vague but here goes: Short Run - 1st for the Club and 4th overall Ian Oldham - 1.41, Robbie Kelly - 6th - 1.48, Oonagh Bathgate - 11th - 2nd Lady - 1.59, John Lynch - 14th - 2.04, Claire Stewart - 16th -2.08, Jan Ilsey - 19th - 2.13, Liz sowter - 28th - 2.25, Stu Clarkson -37th - 2.32, Annelie Whitfield (who got lost and did an extra 3 miles) - 41st - 2.37, Geoff Kensett, Sarah Haynes, Ros Blackmore, Gill Mclean - 3.20, Zoe & Amy Foulerton - 3.28, Carrie Morrell - 3.38. Long Run - 1st Overall - Derek Parrington - 3.09, Neil Bowmer - 3.30, Martin Randall - 3.49, Niall Cheyne - 5.49. Sorry if anyone was missed.

Good to see Sue Crabbe back to fitness and achieving a PB for a half marathon trail race at the Burnsall Half Marathon - 21/4 - 2.08.01 - 45th - 3rd in age category.

Its been a busy time for the fell runners, especially Tim Grimwood and Mike Keavney. Resent races and results:

15/04 - Gisborough Moors Fell Race - 207 runners - Tim Grimwood - 8th - 1.37.05, Nick Downing - 23rd - 1.43.57, Ian Oldham - 93rd - 1.59.55, Mike Keavney - 118th - 2.06.42, Caroline Graham - 122nd - 2.07.21, Jim Coldwell - 126th - 2.08.48

21/04 - Anniversary Waltz - Newlands Valley Horse Shoe - 3600 feet of ascent - 481 runners - Tim Grimwood - 23rd - 1.58.19, Sarah Hackett - 116th - 2.17.28, Ian Oldham - 163rd - 2.24.51, Rich Gale - 202nd - 2.29.40, Mike Keavney - 256th - 2.38.40, Rebecca Simpson - 266th - 2.41.06, Caroline Graham - 290th - 2.44.36, Jim Coldwell - 312nd - 2.47.43, Vicky Jewitt - 353rd - 2.56.27, Simon Hewitt - 447th - 3.30.26

29/04 - Blakley Blitz - Tim Grimwood - Brilliant 2nd - 1.28.46, Mike Keavney - 50th - 1.59.31

02/05 - Gribdale Gallop - Tim Grimwood - 4th - 40.10, Mike Keavney - 53rd - 50.48

Two Swaledaler's competed in the Sand Dancer 10k on 29/04 - 360 Runners - Martin Randall - 31st - 41.13, Peter Devlin - 176th - 50.49

Park Run Results -

Catterick Park Run -
14/4 - Jess Young 1st Lady (officially) - 22.37, Grace Gilpin - 25.46, Sheila Cantrell - 31.16, Jean Bradley - 33.14.

21/4 - PB's Galore- Robbie Kelly - 21.24 PB, Annelie Whitfield - 23.51, John Lynch - 24.30, Grace Gilpin - 25.02 PB, Jean Bradley - 30.44 PB.

28/04 - Annelie Whitfield - 23.08, Jess Young - 23.38, Sheila Cantrell - 29.51 PB, Jean Bradley - 30.11 PB

05/05 - Mark Sowerby - 19.31, Zoe Mason - 25.46, Simon Hewitt - 26.58, Jade Swainston - 32.12.

Northallerton -05/05 - Carol Murray - 25.57

Roger Brisley ran in the Great Peace Run and Walk half marathon on 06/05 in Belgium at Ypres - 2.15

Tour of Arran

Rat Race Ultra Tour of Arran: 14th & 15th April
Tour Arran 1This was a new event from rat race, and caught my eye some time ago, before the full details of the weekend were released. I hoped for a weekend of beautiful trail running in aTour Arran 2 stunning environment. What I found I was in for was (through the info email 4 weeks before the event) was a weekend of beautiful trail running, including sections of scrambling on the 2nd ultra, over the highest points on the island. Although I don’t have a head for extreme heights, I am also not one for backing out of a challenge, and decided to give it a shot anyway.
Well what can I say: it was an experience!!
A pretty tough weekend, from start to finish. Weather the week before up there had set the tone and everything was wet and boggy from setting up tent Friday to leaving again Monday
Saturday's ultra in the south was pretty brutal in comparison to what I had expected. Longer than advertised, lots of tough hills, mud, miles and miles of bog running through misty forests: navigation was a challenge. At one point I went thigh deep into bog, and kept sinking. By the time I was waist high in it I realised this could get dodgy and was glad I had taken note of past TV programmes about surviving sinking mud! Still, finished Saturday reasonably in 7.53 overall, 1.234 km of ascent and 29 miles long
A cold night of no sleep, then on to Sunday......

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Rome marathon

There were two reasons why I did this race. Firstly, I forgot to apply for a ‘good for age’ place at London this year, and secondly, Rome was the venue for my PB of 3hrs 30min 29sec back in 2011. Well worth the extra costs of travel etc. at the time. Of course, I wasn’t expecting to better or even repeat that, as age has taken its toll since the days of PBs. However, it’s not a bad course, mainly flat, and previously, fairly well organised. The famous cobbles do take it out on the feet a bit, but frankly I didn’t find them a problem. I did notice though, that the IAAF had downgraded it from gold to silver standard. I won’t go through the negatives, but half cups of water at most of the hydration stations, and no blue line to show the shortest route, were a couple of the changes I noticed. On the plus side, a spectacular route around many of the main tourist attractions, including the start at the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Spanish steps etc.

In the end though, my worst time since 2007, and very disappointing, after training more for this race than any of my previous marathons. I can only think that missing out, for various reasons including weather, on the 4 races (Brass Monkey half, Haweswater half, East Hull 20, and Dalton Park 10k) I had hoped to do earlier in the year, plus slow times in most of my 20+ mile long runs contributed. Loads of excuses on the day, and it was pretty warm later on at 23C, but there we are. The result is all that counts in the end. Maybe London next year. Maybe not. I’m hoping to post a positive race report at some point 😊.

Martin Luxton

News roundup April 9th

It's been a busy weekend for Swaledale Runners, with a variety of races, both home and abroad.
7/4 - Catterick Park Run - There were PBs galore with some great results - Neil Bowmer - 18.58 - 3rd - PB, Nick Downing - 19.21 - 4th, Mark Sowerby - 19.22 -5th - PB, Jim Coldwell - 21.50 - 22nd - PB, Zoe Mason - 25.57, Jean Bradley - 33.44.
Darlington Park Run - Sheila Cantrell - 31.49.
Tim Grimwood and Mike Keavney were at the Coledale Horse Shoe Fell Race on Saturday. This was a big race with big names, won by Carl Bell in 1.11.51. In all there were 366 finishers. Tim did 1.30.51 - 72nd. Mike did 1.53.38 - 234th.
There was a great turnout at the rearranged Thirsk 10 mile on 8/4. Samantha King was first for the club in 1.18.53, Niall Cheyne - 1.25.19, Anneile Whitfield - 1.25.22, Grace Gilpin - 1.27.29, Amy Kerr - 1.29.45, Lucy Tulloch - 1.32.12, Rebecca Pickles - 1.33.20, Roger Brisley - 1.34.14, Chris Sayer - 1.36.08, Andy Broadley - 1.36.08, Debbie Eden Hayhurst - 1.38.09.
Martin Randall once again competed in the Druridge Bay 1/2 Marathon on 8/4 finishing  in 1.36.35, 9th overall and 2nd M45.
Two Swaledalers went international, with Jess Young competing in the Hannover 10k in a time of 48.38 and was 3rd V30. Martin Luxton did the Rome Marathon in 3.53.26 and was 17th 65M.

News roundup April 3rd

On Saturday 31st Neil Bowmer and Ros Blackmore took part in the NAV4 Adventure LM42 in the Lakes. The event had to be shortened to 27 miles due to the weather conditions. They completed in 6.29 and 7.34 respectively.

On 10/03 John Lynch and Oonagh Bathgate were in Ireland at their cottage and competed in the local Vandeleur Park Run where they took the top two spots- Oonagh 22.50, John 25.28.

Park Runs -31/03
Catterick- Robbie Kelly-21.56 (club record for V60), John Lynch- 26.10, Grace Gilpin-27.04, Michelle Bray- 30.50
Darlington- Stu Hardcastle- 22.44

The club's AGM will take place on Tuesday 24th April at the club house at 7.00pm. Anyone wanting any points raised or discussed please let James know.

News roundup March 26th

Well done to Ian Oldham who managed to complete the Hardmoors 55 on 17/3 before the event was abandoned due to the bad weather. He completed it in a fantastic time of 11.18.51.
The Catterick Parkrun on 17/3 was run in tricky conditions. This was Jim Coldwell’s first Parkrun and he completed it in 22.28. Grace Gilpin’s consistency and dedication to these races got her a great 3rd lady overall in 26.35.
Darlington Parkrun – Stuart Hardcastle – 22.02, Niall Cheyne – 36.45 (running with his sister, over from Australia).

There was a great performance from Emily Abbey at the rescheduled Lightwater Valley 10k on 24/03 – 3rd Lady in a time of 45.12. followed by Vicki Howe – 53.32, Anne Singleton – 59.10 (PB), Julia Spittle – 1.00.56.
Impressively Anne Singleton also ran the Dishforth 10k on 25/03 in another PB of 58.17. Tim Grimwood also doubled up at the weekend and competed in his first Park Run on Saturday and then was 6th at the Brough Law Fell Race on Sunday. Jim Coldwell and Julia Snape were in Cumbria at the Coniston 14 and got times of 1.52.04 & 2.31.49 respectively.
Park Runs – 17/03 – Peckham Rye – Robbie Kelly running his first Park Run – 21.55 – 1st VM60. Catterick – 24/03 – Neil Bowmer – 19.15, John Lynch – 24.20 (PB), Grace Gilpin – 25.19 (PB).


News roundup March 11th

Well done to Jess Young who was the First Lady at the Catterick Park Run on 10/3 in a time of 22.12.
The usual suspects took to the hills at the Black Combe Fell Race on 20/3. Mike Keavney 1.54.31-66/113, Jim Coldwell 2.01.24 - 85th, Tim Grimwood 2.09.52 - 92nd (navigational problems?)
Three Swaledalers took part in the Hilly Dentdale 14. Nick Downing was the first for the club in a great time of 1.37.02 - 37/421, Rebecca Simpson 2.15.20 - 280, Grace Gilpin 2.21.39 - 327.

Victory for Swaledale Ladies

There was a great turnout from Swaledale at the High Cup Nick Fell race on 24th February. This race is the first in the clubs Fell running championship. The quality of runners was extremely high, with a who’s who of current fell running greats. The race was won by Sam Stead from Keswick AC in a time of 1.02.02. The Ladies did brilliantly once again to take the Ladies team prize. Results: Tim Grimwood:1.14.18 - 41st out of 419 runners, Nick Downing: 1.17.40 – 72nd, Sarah Hackett:1.28.56 – 167th (2nd in Age Category), Mike Keavney: 1.31.20 – 191st, Rebecca Simpson: 1.31.22 – 192nd, Rich Gale: 1.33.18 – 205th, Jim Coldwell:1.34.47 – 218th, Caroline Graham: 1.36.36 – 232nd, Robbie Kelly: 1.37.55 – 244th, Rebecca Barnett: 1.44.02 – 289th, Lucy Riley: 1.47.17 – 316th, James Taylor: 1.49.04 – 329th.
The following day Snake Lane 10 mile took place at Pocklington. Chris Sayer – 1.37.34, Andy Broadley – 1.40.32.


News roundup February 12th

Park Run - 03/02/18 - Catterick - John Lynch -24.37 PB, Amy Kerr-25.18, Grace Gilpin- 25.47, Liz Sowter- 26.05 PB, Corina Russell - 36.22 PB, Niall Cheyne- 36.29, Sheila Cantrell - 49.05.

Dalton Park 10k - 04/02/18:  Sheila Cantrell -1.03.21, Jean Bradley - 1.08.19.

Ripon Muddy Boots 10k - 04/02/18: Martin Randall - 44.44 - 49th / 415 Runners, Sarah Hackett - 45.37 - 63rd - 2nd W40, Richard Gale - 50.48 - 140th, Anne Singleton - 1.03.30 - 325th.

 Our club Chairman, Sarah Haynes went international with a visit to see Neil & Ros in Spain. They competed in two distances - Ocaive 13K mountain run - Sarah 1:59:49 103rd out of 134 and 12th vet A Fem.  Ocaive 21K mountain run  - Ros 3:16:33 147th out of 176 and 3rd vet B Fem,  Neil 2:53:03 101st out of 176, 19th vet B masc.

On 11th Feb Julia Spittle & Sarah Norman competed in the Saltburn Hardmoors Half, where Julia won her age category.

 Park Run  – 10/2/18  – Catterick – Andrew Fahey – 20.21, Andrew Fletcher – 21.27, Amy Kerr – 25.01, Grace Gilpin – 26.04, Liz Sowter – 26.41. Darlington – Niall Cheyne – 26.44

Park runs January 27th

Andrew Fletcher – 21.15 – 12th; Jess Young – 22.13 – 1st Lady (once again); John Lynch – 25.00 – PB; Grace Gilpin – 26.08; Liz Sowter – 26.29; Sarah Haynes – 29.03 – PB
Stu Hardcastle – 21.53